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  • Xavier

    Delivered in under 5 minutes.

    Aug-23-2018, 01:22:45 PST
  • Brody

    Very fast. Payment and delivery within 5 minutes.

    Aug-20-2018, 00:35:12 PST
  • Jeremiah
    Delivered in half an hour!

    Aug-15-2018, 16:25:45 PST
  • Diego
    very fast.

    Aug-12-2018, 16:30:20 PST
  • Chase

    Got it within 5 mins, great service guys ^_^

    Aug-08-2018, 16:15:10 PST
  • Juan
    Early fast direct perfect.

    Aug-05-2018, 16:33:17 PST
  • Carter
    excellant customer service and delivery speed 10/10.

    Aug-02-2018, 01:38:04 PST
  • Luis
    Very Satisfied, quick and professional. The fact that the vendor asked for a piece of item in case of getting banned, it was really smart and I like it.

    Jul-29-2018, 16:34:27 PST
  • juan moncivais
    thank goodness i've got the 42m and i'm sorry and now i can trust the website and its legit
    Jul-28-2018, 15:41:18 PST
  • Charles
    Received my purchase straight away, will gladly use again.

    Jul-24-2018, 16:34:47 PST
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