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  • Jonathan

    super fast delivery and a very friendly customer service

    May-14-2018, 16:15:34 PST
  • Benjamin

    Awesome people - great service.

    May-13-2018, 16:31:20 PST
  • Gabriel

    Thank you for your honest business.

    May-11-2018, 16:27:44 PST
  • Christian
    Support was quick and helpful.

    May-10-2018, 16:29:20 PST
  • Elijah

    the best website ever.

    May-09-2018, 16:20:18 PST
  • Nathan

    I am very pleased... very fast delivery..

    May-08-2018, 16:18:23 PST
  • Logan

    the best webside

    Jun-05-2018, 16:33:09 PST
  • Ryan


    SO fast was going to go ranked and I was invited to trade in less than 5 minutes.

    May-06-2018, 16:39:48 PST
  • Ryan

    very fast delivery.

    May-04-2018, 16:18:07 PST
  • James
    Was very fast delivery, but had to discard some players cause I didn't have enough coins.

    May-03-2018, 16:31:00 PST
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