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    07-30-2013 01:23

    Everybody is good, as promised, we finally can let you know this year RuneFest details. 2013 Runefest for those you don't know, is your opportunity to, to meet the Runescape developers, business and society, and became the first to hear Runescape exclusive news. Maybe drink one or two strong wheat at the same time. RuneFest this year will be held in the heart of the London docklands Tobacco Dock, there will be a unique"RS Gods" theme.

    After a wide search, we think Tobacco Dock is a perfect spot. As a security of bonded warehouses, receive and storage from the new world tobacco, tobacco wharf was built in the early 19th century the precious and very desirable goods design, provide complete security. Better for our own port?

    Be sure to pay attention to when we behind-the-scenes feature films, video group the camera directly from the venue to bring you! We will bring you more information, such as ticket prices and event activities in the coming weeks. We also plan some extra special surprise. We are considering a new, exciting way, for the whole society to participate in and RuneFest2013, we hope you can tell us what you want to see and do.

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