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  • Winter Weekends five Mazcab and offensive
    01-03-2016 09:56

    Winter Weekends 5 | Mazcab and Raiding

    Goebies square measure the name of the sport in our penultimate Winter Weekend. pass though to Mazcab and luxuriate in the subsequent bonuses on all styles of activities:


    Double name gain from the Nemi Forest and Trinks’s tasks.


    A 1 day plundering lock once plundering Mazcab raids throughout the weekend, critical a 2 day lock.

    Magnified XP from discovery within the Nemi Forest.

    Goebiebands runs doubly as oftentimes and permits another participation per day.


    Goebiebands XP magnified by five hundredth.


    This Winter Weekend can run from first January at 12:00 Greenwich Mean Time till fourth January at 12:00 Greenwich Mean Time.


    Extra 5% gold coupon: 2016

    Exp Date: Jan.3rd.2016


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