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  • Treasure Hunter Rift Sunderers
    04-09-2016 04:01

    From seventh April till eleventh April, Treasure Hunter is providing a expendable referred to as Rift Sunderers. getting and victimization Rift Sunderers can transport you to either the big rift or tiny rifts and permits you to stay closing them on the far side the limit of your daily fatigue. They conjointly can

    give fifty times the XP from any rifts you close up whereas victimization them.


    Use your keys, get those Rift Sunderers and maximise your XP and name gains. this can push you nearer to following cosmetic unlockables:


        Earn 2000 conjuring name to unlock the wood nymph Wings


        Earn 2000 Runecrafting name to unlock the character Essence Wings



    Both sets of wings area unit unsecured once their name quantity has been reached.


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