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  • The new week events in world Runescape
    05-24-2013 01:09

    As of the end of this week some PVP? Super - String and his clan will be held in tribal war this Saturday "war god sent". More details can be found in the related BBS post. If you like castle wars, RuneHQ events team will be on the 25th for castle war called boot.

    Those who seek to improve their capabilities of Super - String players should see on fighting course. From junior to senior, they cover topics, including maximize your work efficiency, using a combination of dizziness and. If you want to kill terrible black dragon king RuneHQ events team will be in the condensed some slew a dragon forces on Sunday. Don't forget your antifire potion.

    Tip has issued a new magazine. It's filled with articles, community times for your reading pleasure. They have released the 236 edition of the magazine, and is still available!

    More Runescape Gold info you can get from this site.

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