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    09-14-2013 11:03

    Here is your weekly all the great things in social RUNESCAPE broken: we still have time to Vorago game to show off your Vorago fighting skill! Tell us try your best, the most interesting errors and your best montage technique. You still have a very good chance to win a lovely choice really cool prizes!


    Clan members of society to a new community driven clan cup: clan from all over the world competition, the real test RUNESCAPE, skills, and two hybrid annual event. Clan theme of awards including: custom design, your team's name engraved in the game to the clan cup plaques, and much more! All the details can be found on the BBS thread.


    This week the events involved in more than a new families! Clan will attend this week on September 14, 6 PM BST Guthix minigame boxing. Full details can be found here. RuneSlayer dynamic camp signature, looking for support faction outside of BBS Runescape you choose, but don't have a signature, announced the loyalty? Well, the team more than RuneSlayer has covered and they signed the creator!


    The most handsome and moderate JMod Jagex illustration art in creating this amazing design! GnomeWillow create this dream-like revision torchbearers over deviantART bug! We embrace the mysterious power of Twitter list JMods continue to grow and grow! To keep in Touch all your favorite JMods, be sure to check out our BBS theme.


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