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  • The amazing runescape QBD skills you donot know
    06-26-2013 01:26

    Capilic form

    QBD strengthening shell, melee, range attack damage and precise 1/4 (I tested), magic attack damage precisely to strengthen a quarter. The more disgusting skills, consider using incediary shot spell spell RP (for balancing hit, incediary shot no effect)

    Forging the fire

    Forging the fire of sound is too weak, can use in the fourth stage, continuous use 3 times in a special fire to attack the system will remind "the queen black dragon gathers its ehrs strength to breath extremely hot fire", if you stand in the middle every time take 1950 damage, standing in the other place will only be 450 damage, no fire prevention measures will lose more than three times if you want to forging royal crossbow, please stand in the middle, click on your backpack's royal crossbow -- > brandish

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