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  • The Gloves of Samid that can produce Runescape Gold
    04-23-2013 11:23

    Balance between skills and increased wealth, is a tricky thing, so you might want to try your hand have a equipment can have it both ways, you can find the Squeal of Fortune over the weekend again.

    Training all skills while wearing Gloves of Samid, and every time you get any amount of XP, Gloves of Samid will have the opportunity to produce Runescape Gold out of thin air! Upgrade the skills, the more you get the Runescape Gold.

    Go to use Gloves of Samid, because these magic Gloves on May 6, will lose their effect.

    Here you can buy a rotation, or by clicking the "Add Spins in the Squeal of Fortune." Don't forget, members have two opportunities to add spins, not one!

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Order List

  • [email protected] 8000K RS2007 05-28
  • [email protected] 8000K RS2007 05-28
  • [email protected] 500 M RS 3 05-28
  • [email protected] 5000K RS2007 05-28
  • [email protected] 10000K RS2007 05-28
  • [email protected] 2500K RS2007 05-28
  • [email protected] 20000K RS2007 05-28
  • [email protected] 15000K RS2007 05-28
  • [email protected] 7000K RS2007 05-28
  • [email protected] 25000K RS2007 05-28

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