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  • The Character Team Bring The Fourth Instalment Of Their Outfit Showcase
    06-10-2014 01:12

    We are proud to announce two cosmetic override outfits: one inspired by the deadly Vyrewatch of Darkmeyer, and the other by the proud aviansie race.The Vyrewatch Skyshadow Outfit is a fangtastic dark delight, straight from Morytania. Along with your vampyric ensemble you’ll receive both a Vyrewatch Staff and Wings.

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    My inspiration for this kit came from the original concept art and the fantastic Vyrewatch storyline. I tried to keep it simple while instilling the key motifs and colours.With his recent win against Bandos, Armadyl’s followers are more prominent than ever. Join them with the brand new Aviansie Skyguard Outfit, while joining the battle against injustice with your grand Aviansie Longbow.

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