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    08-30-2013 02:18

    This week, we will, together with the MOD Tom talk he told us all about loyalty to Solomon's general store and membership plan. We have been to the store to us and all the new features of new look very proud, including changing the way you buy items. The MOD Tom explain all this in the video. If you want to participate in the discussion of the video, you go directly to our BBS.

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  • [email protected] 16000K RS2007 08-22
  • [email protected] 50000K RS2007 08-22
  • [email protected] 3000K RS2007 08-22
  • [email protected] 15000K RS2007 08-22
  • [email protected] 7000K RS2007 08-22
  • [email protected] 100 M RS 3 08-22
  • [email protected] 7000K RS2007 08-22
  • [email protected] 100 M RS 3 08-22
  • [email protected] 5000K RS2007 08-22
  • [email protected] 3500K RS2007 08-22

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