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  • Solomon General Store On Shadow Heroes
    04-02-2014 11:20

    My latest release is ideal! I present Shadow Heroes: four dark new suits inspired by the heroes of Gielinor!


    Each of these shadowy new outfits takes inspiration from one of four RuneScape heroes and adds an umbral twist to their appearance. There’s a unique hairstyle and weapon override accompanying each one!


    Shadow ArianeShadow ArianeShadow OzanShadow Ozan


     Shadow LinzaShadow LinzaShadow OwenShadow Owen


    The Shadow Ariane outfit comes complete with a staff override; the Shadow Ozan outfit with a bow. A hammer override accompanies the Shadow Linza outfit while the Shadow Owen outfit includes overrides for a longsword, shortsword, greatsword and shield!

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  • [email protected] 100 M RS 3 08-20
  • [email protected] 4500K RS2007 08-20
  • [email protected] 4000K RS2007 08-20
  • [email protected] 300 M RS 3 08-20
  • [email protected] 35000K RS2007 08-20
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  • [email protected] 100 M RS 3 08-20
  • [email protected] 7000K RS2007 08-20
  • [email protected] 230 M RS 3 08-20

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