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  • Solomon General Store Animation Team Showcase
    06-26-2014 02:37

    I’ve got three new classic horror movie-style animations waiting for you - straight from the minds of the RuneScape Animation Team! This is the first Animation Team Showcase my store has hosted. Each of the three teleportation animation overrides offer a long and short departure and arrival - for Home Teleport and region-specific teleports, respectively.


    Become the unwanted test subject of a mad goblin professor with the "Scientific Breakthrough" animation! Not for the faint-hearted, this animation is pretty electric! "With the freedom of the Animation Showcase, it was our opportunity to push ourselves to create fun, self-contained mini-movie type sequences. As soon as we thought along these lines, Hammer Horror came to mind." "It was a fun excuse to get a bit darker, especially with my "Mad Professor" animation, turning the player from victim to killer.


    Ever felt like you aren’t treated like the king or queen you really are? Get the recognition and revenge you deserve with the "Ruler of the Ancient Dead" - along with the siphoned energy of two of your risen servants, of course. "You will have the power to transform into a big, powerful mummy. You’ll have the size to treat a normal mummy as a puppet, and the power to conjure a sand tornado." "This is my idea of power and brutality. There’s no need for a weapon when you are able to crush a skull with a bare hand! "


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