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  • Runescape Programmer Posseses An Undisclosed MMO From The Functions
    03-02-2015 10:59

    The developer has a new, unannounced game in the works, according to Jagex is careers page. Its advertising to get a direct developer makes explicit mention of an undisclosed MMO.

    The advertisement mentions the newest name is incorporated in the preliminary stages of redefining the go across foundation MMORPG style and helps make primary guide to Runescape like a separate venture.

    Here is the ultimate chance of a highly skilled guide or senior citizen programmer having a sound track record in MMO development to produce something exciting and new, with the support of your organization known throughout the world for its knowledge of this genre, Jagex mentioned.

    Even though it is certainly best known for Runescape, that has been a trend when very first launched and continues to be the world is largest free of charge to enjoy MMORPG, Jagex is not a one secret pony. It was behind 8Realms and Transformers Universe, both now shuttered, and has Block N Load and Chronicle, as well as its publishing efforts: Runescape Legends from the functions.



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