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  • RuneScape three Unveils 2014 Premier Club Offers
    12-05-2013 09:45

    Players should buy Premier Club packages to achieve access to special rewards for RuneScape 3.


    Fancy yourself a disciple of RuneScape 3? If therefore, you'll have an interest to understand that Jagex, the studio behind the RuneScape games, has simply declared new Premier Club offers for the approaching year of 2014. Premier Club memberships, for those not within the understand, area unit opportunities for players to land themselves special rewards in exchange for paying for many months of subscription time prior to.


    For instance, the Bronze tier Premier Club package sells the player three months of membership for $23.50 whereas additionally giving buying players twenty,000 bonus loyalty points Associate in Nursing exclusive pet: Piggles the Flying Pig. The Silver tier, that is one step higher, costs $44.50 for 6 months of membership, 50,000 loyalty points, Piggles, another pet by the name of Commander Porkins and a daily bonus Squeal of Fortune Spin.


    Players fascinated by a full year price of Premier Club membership in the meantime, will pay $86.50 which is able to earn them a thumping one hundred fifty,000 points additionally to a laundry list of bonus content that has the aforesaid and far a lot of. Jagex has confirmed that current Premium Club members are ready to carry over any leftover days they've already got from 2013. it is also unconcealed that players with Associate in Nursing abundance of Bonds are ready to use them to buy Premier Club packages beginning on Dec eleventh. For a lot of info concerning the Premier Club choices and edges, stop into the Premier Club announcement at the

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