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  • RuneLabs Design More of the Eastern Lands
    02-24-2016 10:08


    RuneLabs has spoken and along you've got set the name and main content for the new player-power area: The jap Lands. however we’re not done yet! Head to RuneLabs and counsel something and everything else that you just would love to envision place into development for this fantastic new a part of Gielinor.


    All suggestions for this mysterious land of islands ar welcome however, at this stage, it’s the neater, smaller concepts that have the most effective likelihood of being enclosed in our plans.


    How will a singular fishing pool for this region sound? Or is there one thing strange and attention-grabbing that ought to air sale there? be happy to assume each in and out of doors of the box on this one and extremely go wild.


    Remember, if you’re not the inventive kind, a lot of nice concepts are in want of your support. Up-vote your favorite suggestions and find them detected as a result of this point our jap Lands team are taking to RuneLabs to choose the concepts that suit development.


    RuneLabs | Design More of the Eastern LandsBe a part of the story of this player-power space - enjoy!


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