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  • Premier Club Pay with Bonds
    12-12-2013 09:53

    Now you'll fancy RuneScape’s greatest membership deal and access everything 2014 should provide by mistreatment Bonds! Use your in-game wealth to shop for Bonds, then flip those Bonds into Premier Club membership.


    The Bronze, Silver and Gold packages price six, twelve and twenty four Bonds severally. The Gold package options a year of membership, 150,000 Loyalty Points, 2 exclusive pets, personage standing – together with access to exclusive personage worlds – and far additional.


    You can get Bonds in-game on the Grand Exchange, or by commercialism directly with different players. To check in to the Premier Club mistreatment your Bonds, click on a Bond in your inventory, or the Bonds button within the Extras interface. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to urge your chosen membership package!


    You can verify additional concerning Bonds here. Note that we’ve additionally expanded  our request choices, thus you'll purchase Bonds via PlaySpan, and via SMS (except Verizon within the USA).

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Order List

  • war***** 20000K RS2007 09-21
  • kar***** 250 M RS 3 09-21
  • cal***** 20000K RS2007 09-21
  • jac***** 40000K RS2007 09-21
  • hal***** 50 M RS 3 09-21
  • the***** 20000K RS2007 09-21
  • mit***** 20000K RS2007 09-21
  • mas***** 55000K RS2007 09-21
  • mit***** 15000K RS2007 09-21
  • How***** 80 M RS 3 09-21

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