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  • October 3 community activities in Runescape
    10-04-2013 01:52

    Even if you are busy out through innate dwarves, there are a lot of content has a cool community.The following is our pick of social news this week. Rune of love? Leave this from a only Teezkut RUNESCAPE runes are great! Think of a blacksmith skill is impressive? Try to make Torva full armor in real life! This fantastic design from deviationanonymous. The weight of the whole thing over three months to create a powerful 83 pounds!


    RuneHQ celebrates its 10th anniversary, on October: a really huge fan site achievement!In order to celebrate this important milestone, they will hold a game events every day.Here you can find all the details.Pointy hat!RuneZone is a terrible ball project event held on October 6, this Sunday at 9 PM BST.All the details here.In, 'RuneZone friend chat, even use TeamSpeak with, "you can join them.


    Don't forget, you can catch up with the latest this weekend we iTunes above page or our Podbean dead podcasts.Mod this week Mr Osborne and raven will discuss the upcoming mystery the pursuit of the channel.


    Since the interest a RUNESCAPE mobile applications?Well, be sure to participate in our latest survey RUNESCAPE, let us know what function, do you want to see, if we do a.Head to the front page of the vote on the fund's your ticket.This is this week.As usual, hit us a line with you participate in any social content - it may be in the future community has round!

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