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  • NXT Closed Beta Weekend 19th February
    02-09-2016 09:30


    The first NXT Closed Beta weekend RS Gold begins at 12:00 UTC around the 19th of February, ending around the 22nd February at 12:00 UTC.


    If you've had continuous membership since 31st January 2012, or you're currently a Gold Premier Club member, you'll be one of the primary to test the brand new game client.


    The feedback you provide is going to be instrumental in preparing NXT for release and, being an extra incentive for hardcore testing, the coveted Gamebreaker title is up-for-grabs by our most diligent bug finders.


    When the beta goes live, we'll announce it within the website's news feed and supply information on where eligible players can download the brand new client.


    Save the date, and prepare for RuneScape as you've never witnessed it before!

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