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  • Modeling and animation Campfire Q and A
    07-05-2013 11:32

    We are glad to invite to a BBS online Q&A. Today invited is a graphical modeling and animation team Runescape!

    Last time we held a question and answer activity invitation from art team members, we have a lot of Runescape environment artists to join us. This time, we bring you our modeling and animation to give you an insight into their day's work, they have been trying to talk to you. Of course, will answer all your questions.

    Any interested in creative field of visual art and profession, or the person that we want Jagex game studio work, should all join us in this Thursday, July 4 (BST), 5 PM Mod Alec, Mod Marx0i0 and Mod Paul B will answer your question. You can now start in our special BBS topic to post your question.

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