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    09-01-2013 10:51

    A member of the team announced the merger RUNESCAPE loyalty program and Solomon's general store has been temporarily delayed, mainly due to some problems often arise in the late. We expect that delay will only last a day or so. We will try to provide you with this exciting new services, as long as we straighten out the kink in the several systems.


    If you want to know more about the upcoming members loyalty to merge to Solomon's general store, you can go to our BBS to read common problems.

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Order List

  • [email protected] 5000K RS2007 02-22
  • [email protected] 15000K RS2007 02-22
  • [email protected] 50000K RS2007 02-22
  • [email protected] 45 M RS 3 02-22
  • [email protected] 15000K RS2007 02-22
  • [email protected] 2500K RS2007 02-22
  • [email protected] 40000K RS2007 02-22
  • [email protected] 3000K RS2007 02-22
  • [email protected] 35 M RS 3 02-22
  • [email protected] 250000K RS2007 02-22

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