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  • How to deal Grotworm and dragonkin an artifact
    05-26-2013 11:17

    Each phase of the QBD HP after the loss, you cannot attack QBD, then need to open Dragonkin an artifact into the next phase, every second of delay will have a Grotworm, Grotworm HP is very high, will attack with magic, will accumulate a lot of damage in the long term, is the most terrible of Grotworm will disturb you walk a increase to escape the fire waves of difficulties.

    Coping skills: open Dragonkin as soon as possible an artifact, deal with Grotworm tank only. In addition to teach you a little skill, Grotworm can absorb the demons of the energy, the phase4 hatred spirit energy of damage is very high, can't absorb all a hatred spirit, reliable Grotworm rough skin absorption.

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