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  • Holocaust racing on the App Store to Runescape
    09-28-2013 10:46

    Today, we announced the launch to slaughter the car - this year on September 19 in the App Store on the iPhone, the device and the iPod Touch! A new, free game developers behind Jagex midnight club series, holocaust racing epinephrine fuel combined into a single package, to meet every kind of the car and the stunt driving, and explosive operations and real-time eight-way multiplayer online racing fans.


    Massacre in the car is free to download and play, let everyone has a chance to test your driving skills - outdriving opponents off bold stunt blow them with a deadly weapon Arsenal to the final place and get the Runescape Gold. Once you have honed their skills in the single player game, you can go to the head with a real opponent in the game exciting online multiplayer mode, allows you to take seven other players around the world.


    In every game, you will collect prizes, gain some experience and obtain a hard-earned cash, it will help you get all the important title. When you progress through the game, you can unlock new powerful cars, or cheated you ride with array upgrade - modified from more powerful weapons and equipment and performance, a beautiful new decals complete with red paint job. We want you to know, so you can hit the game with a grid on September 19 (Thursday) on the App Store.

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  • [email protected] 400 M RS 3 05-01
  • [email protected] 90000K RS2007 05-01
  • [email protected] 3000K RS2007 05-01
  • [email protected] 100 M RS 3 05-01
  • [email protected] 13000K RS2007 05-01
  • [email protected] 2000K RS2007 04-30
  • [email protected] 75 M RS 3 04-30
  • [email protected] 35 M RS 3 04-30
  • [email protected] 200 M RS 3 04-30
  • [email protected] 15000K RS2007 04-30

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